What are the five components of fitness?

Following are the Five main components of fitness.

  1. Muscle Strength
  2. Muscle Endurance
  3. Heart Muscles (Cardiovascular Muscles)
  4. Muscle Flexibility
  5. Body Fats

1) Muscle Strength:

The muscle strength refer to as the Power you have to lift a certain weight. This strength helps you lift heavy weight items in every day life. A weaker muscle strength will lead to less weight lifting capacity, so a normal healthy human being should focus on his body’s muscle strength and the only way to increase muscle strength is to train it to lift heavy loads. That is why people go to gym and lift weight to increase their muscle strength.

2) Muscle Endurance:

The Muscle endurance refers to as the period of time your muscle can endure a certain amount of pressure whether it is holding on to something or lifting heavy loads. The only way to increase endurance is train your muscle with light weights by doing 20 -25 reps per set while subsequently increase the weight. Muscle endurance is very much important in five components of fitness.

3) Heart Muscles (Cardio Muscles):

Heart Plays an Important role in Human body, It supplies Blood to every part of your muscle. While you are exercising you muscles needs more blood and more oxygen so it pressurizes your Heart to pump more blood in your body. So it very important that your Cardio muscles are in good condition and they can endure that pressure while you are exercising. Cardio Muscles are a crucial part in five components of fitness. Running, Jogging, Swimming or Cycling etc are some of the methods to increase the endurance of your Cardiovascular system. In Order to test your Cardio muscle endurance you can perform a Cooper test (Running as far as possible in 12 minutes).

4) Muscle Flexibility:

Muscle Flexibility is often a overlooked component in fitness club. Muscle Flexibility refers to as how good your body moves in all the angles of motion with any pain and stiffness. Lack of muscle flexibility Leads to Joint Pain and Muscle Stiffness. In Order to check your Muscles Flexibility, Stand straight and lean towards your toes. A person with good muscle flexibility will reach his toes easily while the opposite of that will not. Sitting on a floor and try to reach your toes is also a good method to test your body’s flexibility. Try to hit the gym and do some stretching exercises regularly to increase your body’s flexibility.

5) Body Fats:

Body Fats are also a crucial part of our body. All the extra food that we eat stores in our body as Fats but higher the amount of fat in your body the more likely is that your fitness is not good enough. A healthy young male should have less then 17% of body fat on his body and a healthy young women should have less then 24% of body fat on her body. For example a 100kg person with 30% of body fat will have 70kgs of lean body mass. An average person tends to have 18% to 25% of body fat while an average women has 20 – 30 percent of body fat.

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