The Good Morning Exercise Is One of the Quickest Ways to Strengthen Your Body

What makes morning exercise such a productive tool for weight loss is that the first few minutes are usually the most active of any given day. Therefore, the most efficient use of your time is spent exercising during this time. The body uses most of its energy during the first half of the day and simply using up what energy it has left the remainder of the day for normal daily activities. Many people often fail to realize this.

They begin running or jogging in the morning thinking that it will burn them out, but they actually find themselves pleasantly surprised. After a couple of weeks, the morning exercise routine begins to become quite habit-forming, so it is important to stick to the plan.

Morning exercises at home

Morning exercises at home are even easier to perform when made into a consistent habit. Besides that, morning exercise even prior to breakfast actually burns more calories at a faster pace and even brightens up your day. Starting simple with some light ones and working it up to more vigorous exercises later in the day is the best way to start.

For example, it may be a good idea to begin exercising with only a lightweight at first, like a feather, a tennis ball, or a bean bag. This way, the muscles used when exercising are already established and won’t be “worked” overtime by heavyweights or exercise equipment.

stretching, the muscles

A morning workout should always begin with stretching. By stretching, the muscles get the opportunity to relax before starting an exercise routine later in the day. Of course, if a person doesn’t have time to stretch, taking a bubble bath or using a hot water bottle before getting out of bed isn’t very relaxing.

But it may be just what the body needs to feel ready for the day. Try to find something relaxing for morning exercise that you enjoy and incorporate it into your morning workout routine.

Next, the person must stand up from his or her initial position (feet on the floor or sitting in a chair) and then reach all the way to the top of his or her knee with one foot. He or she should then slowly and carefully return to the starting position, keeping all of his or her toes in the initial position as he or she stretches.

During the repetition of this drill, it may be a good idea for the exerciser to count the number of repetitions he or she is doing. This simple drill has been shown to increase the number of repetitions done during a morning exercise routine by as much as 35 percent.

While it may be helpful for some people to have their morning exercise routine immediately following getting up from bed, most people find it much easier to do the routine at least 30 minutes before retiring for the night. Achieving the recommended six hours of sleep is crucial to having a healthy lifestyle.

People who lack a sufficient amount of sleep are much more prone to a sedentary lifestyle and to developing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. For this reason, incorporating a workout into your nightly routine will go a long way toward helping you get the rest you need to feel rejuvenated and renewed.

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