10 Foods That May Weaken Your Immune System

There are many foods that May Weaken Your Immune System While most people will not have an issue with a specific food, others may be more sensitive to that food or experience some type of adverse reaction when eating them. You need to keep a good balance of healthy foods and avoid overly processed or fatty foods. This can help to ensure that you maintain optimal health and that you can fight off colds and other illnesses easily.

One of the foods that May Weaken Your Immune System is chocolate. You should limit your consumption of chocolate to no more than a couple of ounces at most per day to reduce your risk for issues with the gastrointestinal tract or lumps. In addition, foods high in fat should be avoided as well. This includes butter, margarine, fried foods and spreads, and other unhealthy fats.

Coffee can also negatively affect your immune system. A few cups each day have been found to slow down the production of antibodies which help to fight off infections. In addition, a study conducted by Norwegian researchers found that coffee drinkers increased their risk of cancer of the stomach by almost 50 percent. Fortunately, there are alternatives like decaffeinated coffee that can help you cut back on this substance.

Sugar is another substance that may adversely affect your immune system. A lot of sugar is added to food during the processing stages. It is often added to foods to make them more appealing to the general population. However, too much sugar can cause problems with the digestive system and increase the likelihood of illness. Some foods that contain a high amount of sugar include sodas and sweets. Try to limit your intake of these foods as much as possible.

Processed meats are another area of concern. These foods are often high in fat, preservatives, and antibiotics. Although antibiotics are commonly used to treat illness, they can weaken the immune system over time. In addition, some fats in processed meats may inhibit the effectiveness of the body’s natural defense against infection. Therefore, try to limit the amount of these types of foods that you eat on a regular basis.

Finally, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugary foods. All of these substances can have an adverse effect on your immune system. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can weaken your immune system and encourage the growth of all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Caffeine has the same effect on your body and can actually stimulate the growth of those organisms.

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