Habits of Excellence – How Science Says These 7 Attention-Gathering Exercise Can Help You

When it comes to making your mind work at a higher level of efficiency, science says these seven attention-grabbing exercises are the way to go. This is because they help you exercise your brain in all the ways that your body needs in order to function optimally.

You see, although your body has its own way of getting the job done, it also requires the use of the brain. Science is beginning to understand what happens when the brain doesn’t get the exercise it needs.

It seems that by giving it the attention-grabbing activities that are required for it to do the things it was designed to do, it can then function more effectively and use less energy.

The seven different types of exercise science actually recommend are so effective that they are sometimes referred to as the “7 Habits of Excellence.” The program does require that you make time to practice them as part of your daily life. That’s one of the good things about these particular practices.

You don’t have to set aside a specific amount of time to practice them as part of your exercise science routine; however, you must make time to engage your mind in the activities.

The first of the seven Habits of Excellence is to do an individualized brain exercise on a daily basis. Science has long since determined that one of the keys to a good memory is being able to learn something new and then being able to apply that learning to some other area of your life.

Science now knows that the way you think has a lot to do with how well your brain functions. So this means that if you want your brain to do well, you need to engage it in the kinds of thinking that will help it exercise.

This is where your cognitive skills program comes in. The cognitive skills program includes reading, writing, math, music, science, language, and foreign languages.

The second Habit of Excellence is to plan one thing a day and do it. Yes, the planner in you may be having a little trouble with this one, but try your best to spend at least one hour a day planning one project. In fact, you might want to plan several different projects, one each day, but stick with just one.

Why? Because this one habit will serve to de-stress you, which will, in turn, increase your ability to pay attention.

The third Habit of Excellence is to eat an optimal diet. Yes, eating the right foods will increase your energy throughout the day. It will give you the nutrients you need for every activity you participate in. One of the nutrients you will need is folic acid, which you can find in leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and even citrus fruits. Another nutrient you should add is zinc, which can also be found in beans, nuts, oranges, tomatoes, and spinach.

The fourth Habit of Excellence, however, is something that you’ll learn during the day. Yes, there are many things going on in your life that may get in the way of your plans.

However, if you are constantly being distracted, it will decrease your productivity. Therefore, if you can, set aside one thing a day to focus only on completing a task, no matter what that task is.

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