how to be motivated for work ?

how to be motivated for work?

Why is it so hard to how to be motivated for work, to do all the things that we all know we should do?

Well, you’re about to learn the secret to motivation that no one else has told you. As you were walking across the street, a car comes out of nowhere and hits you. You wake up in the hospital and the doctor tells you that you’ve wounded your vital organs and that you have three hours to live.

The doctor calls your family and tells them that they better get to the hospital fast to say goodbye. The moment you see your family walk into the room, you immediately start to cry. The thought that you will never be able to hug your mom again, breaks your heart. And the thought that you’ll never be able to laugh again with your dad, breaks her heart.

The image of your friends and family, standing at your funeral and watching your unconscious body being lowered into the dirt, breaks your heart. As you hug your family for the last time, the painful reality sets in, that you’re moments away from dying. As you lay there in the medical room, everything around you starts to go black, and all you hear is the deafening sound of silence.

As you lay there, you start to feel this strange feeling deep down inside of you, everything slows down, and you actually start to experience this calm, peaceful, oneness with the world around you. You even start to hear the song play in the background of your mind, but there’s something special about the song.

It’s a song that you feel it has been with you your whole life, but you are only now hearing it for the first time. As the song plays, memories begin to fade into your mind. You remember the first time that you laughed so hard, that tears fell from your eyes, and you remember how nervous you were before your first kiss. And then you remember how happy and excited you felt after it was over.

You remember that one day as you were walking home from school and you saw that beautiful sunset that left you in a total state of stillness and love, but then you start to remember the moments in your life that were not filled with love or stillness.

You remember how you would always get angry over stupid things, like how the person in front of you would always walk too slowly, or how you would always get cut off in traffic. And then you remember all the times that you fought with the loved ones in your life, over those incredibly small things that are completely insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

You regret how you didn’t drop out of school, even though you hated what you were studying, you regret how you didn’t quit your job, even though you hated what you were doing. You regret now traveling around the world and visiting all those places that you’ve always dreamed of seeing. You regret not looking up at the stars more and appreciating just how small you really are in this world.

You regret not really understanding the fact that you were sitting on a small blue ball that is floating in infinite space, alongside eight other flying spinning balls that are all circulating a giant ball of fire that has the power to erase all life on this planet in the blink of an eye. You regret not cherishing that brief moment of peace when you exhale after a deep breath.

You would give up almost everything in your bank account just to wiggle your toes again, or to smile again, or to laugh again, or to cry again, you would give up almost anything just to experience the incredible gift of life just one more time.

The life that most people take for granted. There are two possible outcomes when we get to that later stage of life. One, we look back on everything and we feel a deep sense of peace and love because we didn’t take anything or anyone for granted. Or two, we look back and we feel a deep feeling of shallow sadness because we never took a moment to really appreciate how amazing life really is on our small blue planet.

After you read this post, take a moment to appreciate who you are right now, not the person who you wanna become in the future, not the person who you were in the past, but the person who you are in this exact moment.

Appreciate how your body breathes for you without you consciously thinking about it. Appreciate the fact that you have eyes to see the screen right now, or how you have ears to hear my voice right now. Appreciate how you have the ability to feel any emotion of any kind regardless if it’s good or bad.

Understand the fact that in this exact moment, you are united with thousands of people across the world who are all reading this exact post right now. The true secret to motivation is realizing that your physical life here on earth, really is like a poetic song that will eventually end.

The reason why human beings connect with things like poetry or music or arts of any kind is that in many ways it represents the human experience. They both have the power to make you feel a wide range of emotions, from sadness to joy, to fear, and they both have the power to be beautiful, and they both have the power to be very, very dark. But that feeling of connection, regardless if it’s with music or with each other, or just with the world around us, is what most human beings crave.

Deep down, we just wanna feel connected, loved, and accepted. But it’s up to you if you want to wait until those last moments of life to feel this connection. Because in those last moments, life will declaw your senses and declutter your mind, and it will force you to feel that feeling of connection. Or we can start right now, right this second.

And the fastest way to feel this connection is the same habit that will make you motivated to do anything. And it’s simply being totally present to the moment, which means being totally engaged in whatever it is that you’re doing at that time, regardless if you really like doing it or not.

Because when you truly understand, and we truly start to appreciate the beauty of every moment of life, you’ll start to seize every moment like it’s your last, you will feel grateful to have the opportunity to go to the gym, you will be grateful to have the opportunity to go to school or to work on your business. Because at the end of the day, all we really have in life is this exact present moment. So don’t let it go to waste and I hope this post will help to know that how to be motivated for work.


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